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The Experience Network
Proven Innovators
EY Seren PDD IDEO What If DCA Method Seymour Powell Live Work Fjord Continuum Smart Design

Define - Research and Strategy

Our members have:

Re-invented the Festival: The Alchemy behind ‘Harvest’

Driven decision-making in autonomous vehicles and envisioned the driverless tomorrow

Empowered Suncorp to deliver £46mn additional revenue in 12-months

Ignited innovation in a complex manufacturing company

Created a human centred skin-care strategy for GSK

Used story to give form to the complexity of reality

Changed England’s Approach to Stroke Survival

Design - Digital, Product, Experience, Service and System

Our members have:

Reclaimed the space at the bar for Jose Cuervo

Designed the real life Iron-Man: Redefining the possibilities of human performance

Rethought the best route to self-directed learning for kids

Helped personalise management in surgery for Cancer

Made trains brake with microwaves and imagination

Empowered GSK to look inwards for innovation

Deliver - Product, Service, Systems, Content, Campaign and Media

Our members have:

Delivered authentic leadership design for Brandwatch

Directed Ray Winstone: Powerful drama to engage Prostate Cancer UK's audience

Brought science communications to life for AXA

Delivered careful words to navigate complexity in wound care

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best smart creatives

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Why do we exist?

We understand through personal experience that the best elite creatives always move on from the big agencies. Inspired to forge their own paths, they set up on their own; but this means that they are not always easy to access.

We knew, that to get you the very best in consulting support, we had to connect and curate these superstars. So that’s what we have done; cherry picking the very best and bringing them together.

All of our specialists and boutiques agency founders have held senior and leadership roles at a top 10 agency.

We’re The Experience Network (TEN). TEN offers you all the reassurance of proven experience, whilst circumventing the need to hunt, vet, procure and manage.

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How does it work?
It's simple.


You get in touch and we listen to your needs and challenges


We connect you to the best range of consultants through the power of our vetted network


You choose who to work with (either with, or without, our guidance) using our simple platform


You access game-changing support that helps you succeed

TEN supplies support across sector:

Media and Entertainment

Pharmaceutical and Medical

Banking and Insurance


Consumer Electronics

Public sector

Third sector


Industrial, and Everything else

TEN delivers support in:

Insight and Strategy

Digital Transformation

Product and Industrial Design


Software & Hardware

Innovation Training

Executive Mentoring

Prototyping to Full Production

Human Factors and Business Factors

TEN expertise has been built innovating for:

American Express


Channel 4







Jamie Oliver

Jose Cuervo

Lloyds Bank

Marks & Spencer






Smith & Nephew

Ted Baker



Warner Brothers


Zeitgeist and many more

Some kind words clients say about us

“When we engaged the TEN network through our supplier we knew we would get amazing design. What we were exposed to was the very best in researchers, engineers, film makers, strategists and digital developers.I will never go anywhere else now when I am looking for creative expertise in any area”

Global SVP Marketing

“We all know that in many ways the consultancy model is broken. TEN’s refreshing new approach seems to solve so many of its failures”

Director of Customer Experience

“A shortcut to proven, vetted, flexible solutions. I love it”

Director of R&D

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Why settle for an eight or a nine, when you deserve TEN?

We are here to re-design the way you access consulting support, today.

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