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21’st century design

Authentic leadership for Brandwatch


In the 21st century, modern employees expect more from their employers. We are happier if our work is purposeful and rewarding and isn’t life nicer when you really enjoy going to work?

Brandwatch, a growing social listening company with 70 managers, were experiencing rapid growth due to increased investment and success. This resulted in inexperienced leaders who desperately wanted the tools to allow them to be effective in their roles.

Their management team sought support via a co-designed leadership programme fit for the 21st Century. We helped them become more authentic leaders, working from their instincts so they could cope with the fast growth of the company and guide it to its next level.

Apart from some fundamental skills, we also helped them create a learning organisation where self-development, personal responsibility, coaching and feedback are the norm.

With senior commercial backgrounds in the thriving cultures of Silicon Valley, and the revolutionary democratic agency NixonMcInnes, we have a great understanding of what makes business work. Our experience as psychotherapists makes us hybrids with insight and abilities that change company cultures even in the most challenging situations.

The Brandwatch team were helped to develop and maintain learning environments where their people thrived.

They learnt how to communicate more effectively and productively with each other to produce better results as a business. But critically they had better feedback, more harmonious, productive teams, engaging with conflict and disagreement safely and productively, thinking and acting more strategically and clearer about the bigger picture. Their future of more autonomous empowered and accountable teams looks bright.

The TEN Difference: Hybrid expertise based of deep life evidence, whilst structured around meaningful futures, not just a profitable bottom lines.


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