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Food, Family Music: The Alchemy behind ‘Harvest’


A genre for expectations of festivals


10 years ago when we first had the idea for ‘Harvest’ the goal was to bring the alchemy of Food, Family and Music to the masses.

Looking back to see the whole picture, we asked ‘What was the most fantastic experience that could be created for a festival, that was not just about music?’

The whole thing about festivals was there was a time when ‘having a really rubbish burger, and watching a great band or watching a really rubbish band with a great burger was the norm. We knew that these things should not have to be mutually exclusive.

Motivated by issues close to our hearts, we set out to fix a real problem. It was really rewarding to go from idea (Food, Family, Music) to full blown activation in six months, sell 10,000 tickets and garner a whole series of awards. In year two, we gave Ed Sheeran his first main stage gig. A whole raft of cool stuff happened off this kernel of an idea based on deep experiential knowledge.

Building for a new approach to satisfy the customer journey, in essence created a genre. Where nobody had alchemised these three ingredients, there was now a template that could cross over and tap into lifestyle, health family, culture and music. Since then it’s become the norm for creators to develop their own version (like Wilderness), or for mainstream guys to embrace the qualities of Harvest.

This festival experience was a real ‘moment in time’ on a ‘b-c’ level. Whilst its b-b offer gave a plethora of others, e.g. Wahaca and Jamie Oliver, a mechanism to trade on that experience.

It kind of revolutionised the audience’s expectations of the festival experience.

It’s redefined what people expect from festivals moving forward.

The TEN Difference: To create a genre, recreate an experience. Curating full experience solutions that leave nothing to chance based off Customer journey.


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