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Brand & Marketing that helped deliver 10x growth and $3.14 Billion in shareholder value.


Branding for startups, and rebranding for established brands, is a powerful driver of sales. It starts with positioning, manifesto and storytelling for key customer and investor experiences.

TEN founding members worked with the CEOs of three global businesses, a startup (Sprinklr) and two established businesses (Grapeshot and GlobeOp) who needed to be seen as leadership brands.

All three saw the immediate value of rethinking and elevating their brands in the eyes and minds of customers and investors.

Sprinklr grew from $80M valuation when TEN’s started its branding, to $1.82B currently; Grapeshot was acquired by Oracle for $320M, and GlobeOp for $1B.

The TEN difference:  Putting branding at the heart of value creation.

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