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How it Works: FAQs Clients

Q1. What type of projects can TEN support me with?

Whatever your innovation challenge TEN can help. TEN puts the top 1% of global innovators at your fingertips. TEN members span digital, product, strategy, engineering, service design and more.

Q2. Where does TEN specialise?

TEN members have the experience and agility to respond to the most complex innovation challenges.

For example, a recent TEN engagement saw TEN's tasked with creating a new digital and physical product and service for a multinational company, against a very tough timescale.

The TEN team comprised digital product designers, sketch visualiser, strategists and service designers, using a Google Ventures design sprint approach to deliver a prototype the customers were delighted with.

As we grow, we can connect specialists who have changed the world in ever increasing fields of innovation.

The TEN platform will give you access to the world’s top 1% of global innovators.

Q3. Why should I work with, or apply to join TEN?

We know that breakthrough products and services come when you combine experienced innovators and tough challenges. That is why we built TEN. We believe that we get you access to those that have faster and more effective answers to your questions, all under one roof.

The breadth and depth of the TEN membership provides you with extensive flexibility. The people you will meet though the platform cover those delivering world-leading digital apps to Red Dot winning consumer products. We know this access is special.

Q4. How do I talk to TENs about my consulting project?

• Register your interest at the TEN website at #AskTEN.
• We have a call to understand your brief.
• TEN can help you access members to get you answers, and to fit or even define a brief.
• We will help you decide if the best route is TEN client membership, so you have access to the top 1% of global innovators at your fingertips.

Q5. How does TEN make its money?

TEN charges a membership fee for TEN members to join the TEN platform.

TEN will apply a commission and any consulting fees it incurs to TEN consulting projects, payable by the client.

Q6. Can my business post a challenge directly to TEN members?

Yes. But only if you are a member of TEN.

To be able to do so yourself, you would have to apply to join TEN as a client member.

Q7. Who are the members of TEN?

• Only the top 1% of global innovators, with significant track records, can join TEN.
• TEN members span digital, product, strategy, engineering, service design and more.
• TEN members have held senior roles at top tier agencies and corporates.
• We have members who have changed laws, broken world land speed records and designed jet packs for humans.
• Whatever your challenge, let their experience be your guide.