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How it Works: FAQs Creatives

Q1. What is TEN trying to achieve?

TEN is an invite-only platform which puts the top 1% of global innovators at your fingertips.

TEN members have a track record of changing the world.

TEN members span digital, product, strategy, engineering, service design and more. By becoming a TEN you will be connected to some of the best in their fields.

If you’d like to be considered as a TEN member, please contact TEN today. You will need to be referred by a current member, or pass the application process.

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Q2. How will TEN help me?

The TEN platform exists to supercharge your business by connecting you with the top 1% of global independents and boutique agencies as well as clients and advisors.

TEN can grow your network, potentially helping you find collaborators, across a huge array of skills.

TEN members regularly meet up and we have active channels for sharing and exchanging ideas and expertise.

TEN can help you find vetted advisors and suppliers to turbocharge your business.

Q3. How might TEN help me find new work?

TEN is bringing client members onto the TEN platform. It is also building tools and approaches to connect those with questions to our community to uncover world-changing answers.

Q4. Do TEN members physically work together?

We set out to use our platform to connect you with the top 1% of global innovators, wherever you choose to work. In doing so, our platform has the benefits of a physical studio, but without the overheads.

Q5. What does it cost?

TEN charges £22.50 ex. VAT per month (billed annually) or £25 exc.VAT (billed monthly) for independents (solo-preneurs, freelancers and companies of 1)

TEN charges £90 ex. VAT per month (billed annually) or £100 exc.VAT (billed monthly) for companies, (typically of between 2-10 employees), providing 5 further logins for your staff.

Q6. What is expected of me as a member of TEN?

As a member we ask you to play an active part in building TEN by:

• Introducing TEN to people you trust i.e. future TEN members.
• Sharing examples (if requested) of your successes as a case study.
• Engaging in our meetup programme and connecting to others where applicable