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The power of merging physical and digital experiences through the Epson Lightscene EV-100


Product and interactive design sit at the heart of Epson becoming a world leader in projection technology. The Epson Lightscene EV-100 range, offers a product that can turn any surface in to a touch screen. But where might this exciting technology best be delivered?

To create the answers, we delivered a global launch campaign that brought together fifteen of the world’s best designers to explore potential applications for the new range.

Exciting opportunities included finding new ways to capture consumers’ attention inside shops, and overlaying digital information on to public spaces. Whilst in education and entertainment, exploring the projector’s potential for immersive storytelling and shaping the experiences of tomorrow. Helping Epson realise their vision, via the development of a tool that can tell any story in any space.


The TEN difference:  Blending the beauty of digital and physical product experiences to unlock great interaction experiences.

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