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Careful words to navigate complexity in wound care


Within the wound care sector, multiple scientific and emotional narratives collide to create a complex and often confusing world.

The CEO of Blond McIndoe Research Foundation needed to illustrate its important research work, while reassuring existing supporters and engaging new ones around its innovative change in direction.

Together, we set out to re-imagine the Foundation’s web presence to articulate and clarify the charity’s renewed brand, while celebrating its history and building excitement and interest around its future.

Our 15 years’ experience in working with leaders across sectors have taught us that by getting to the heart of an issue and trying to solve it through clear and effective communication, words can do so much more than just sit on a page.

In its website, Blond McIndoe Research Foundation now has a clear and compelling communication channel, keeping stakeholders well informed with clarity within a world of complexity. It has laid the foundations for active and quality engagement for the long haul.

The TEN difference: If an organisation doesn’t stay in touch with those it needs support from, they will feel neglected and withdraw support. Similarly, if a charity has confused messaging, people will be reluctant to donate their hard-earned money.