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COVID-19 Side Effects / Ep27: What have we learnt so far? Matt Pattison gives his perspective and learnings on Covid-19 Side Effects.

[38 Mins]

I step aside from my role as the one asking the questions, to the one answering them. In this episode, Martin Sadofski (screenwriter) asks me; what have I learnt so far from interviewing such a broad range of guests. On one hand we’ve had guests designing PPE, to the other hand modelling likely deaths, and the impact of obesity and diabetes in the battle with the coronavirus.

[2 Mins]  Why did Matt start the Podcast?

[6 Mins] The best stab at governing, as opposed to delivering

[8 Mins] Why we are not New Zealand

[10 Mins] PPE, what happened?

[13 Mins] The Government finally moves to yes on masks and face coverings. What happens next?

[17 Mins] Prevention is better than cure?

[19 Mins] Being a bit more Matt Hancock  than Boris Johnson?

[20 Mins 30 secs] The British Culture and consumption

[23 Mins] Could we design for prevention through lifestyle medicine (vs. the silver bullet search)?

[25 Mins] Covid 19: and why selling system design was always tough

[26 Mins] Will technology save us?

[32 Mins] Empathy for the Government, but we need more transparency

[33 Mins 30] Growth and creative solutions



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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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