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Side Effects / How to build a hospital in weeks (not years)? Noorzaman Rashid discusses this and Human Factors vital role in the design of mechanical ventilators and hospitals

[22 Mins]

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Noorzaman Rashid Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human factors

Noorzaman Rashid Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human factors (CIEHF) talks about the extensive work and support the institute is providing to highlight the importance of patient and user safety in design and development during this pandemic.


[3 mins]  What is the CIEHF being asked to help with in the Coronavirus crisis?

[5 mins]  Delivering design protocols and the Nightingale Hospital

[7 mins] The Expert Panel (remote Human Factors support)

[8 min 30]  Human Factors and ventilator design: F1 teams and all delivering in times of need

[11 mins] The Covid-19 challenge and the biggest ever system design challenge?

[13 mins]  The broader public health issue

[15 mins] Stress and Mental health

[17 mins 30] Where Human Factors and Ergonomics can support?

[18 mins 30] The Magic Wand: For the Human Factors community


Rashid stresses Human Factors and Ergonomics is essential in the design process to ensure that ventilators, the Nightingale Hospitals and peoples mental health are safe. The discussion covers the rapid design and manufacturing of ventilators by those usually used to engineering racing cars and the possible risks to patient safety and the mental health of NHS staff.

Ensuring that safety considerations are taken on board during the development and design of ventilators can help to reduce errors and ultimately save lives.

The Institute represent the community of Chartered and registered Human Factors specialists and Ergonomists. A valued and critical voice in the design and development of pretty much anything where a human is involved.


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Image credit: Evening Standard

Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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