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COVID-19 Side Effects / Episode 20: Mark and Clare Hester talk ‘The 3D Crowd’; a micro factory in every home

[44 Mins]



Mark Hester and Clare Hester of the Imagination Factory and 3D-Crowd discuss how, in just under 1 month, the 3D printing community has gone from 10 people and a Big Print weekend to 7,000 people working in a distributed agile ecosystem. We discuss how it has changed Mark’s earlier view on the limitations of distributed manufacturing, and how it could potentially change the supply chain (if we are smart) forever.

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[2 mins]  Introduction: 3D maker community and the 3D Crowd community

[7 mins] The three areas answered that bugged Mark : Speed, Regulations and Distribution

[11 min 30]  Distributed hubs and co-ordination.  Clare’s story of an amazing agile ecosystem that is delivering

[18 mins] Hyper local: Delivery efficiencies and reducing unnecessary journeys

[20 mins]  Imagine a micro factory in the homes of every postcode

[25 Mins] What would you say to Lord Deighton: The new PPE Tzar?

[31 Mins] Everyday mask makers, and learning from the Face Visor makers

[37 Mins] The Magic Wand: What would Clare and Mark wish for?

[42 Mins] Where to find out more


Do you have an idea that could help us fight the Coronavirus after lockdown? Join us on COVID-19 Side effects. Email hello@weareten.co.uk


Image credit: 3D Crowd UK

Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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