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Covid-19 Side Effects/ Episode 22: How to build a Britain with less BAME deaths and mental health problems? Dr Shikta Das and Dr Pratima Singh put a worrying spotlight on emerging data about BAME communities and mental health inequalities

[48 Mins]

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Dr Shikta Das  of University College London (UCL) and Dr Pratima Singh  at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust talk to me about the reality of the emerging data. Including the worrying factors of a dual attack of  Coronavirus and Flu, mental health inequalities and risks for the BAME communities across the UK and the globe.

A look into the facts of coronavirus from the epidemiological world and the frontline of the NHS. We explore many factors including; BAME risk factors, mental health and Covid-19, coming back from lockdown and a virus that looks like it is staying around for a long time.

[1 Min]  Introductions to Dr Shikta Das and Dr Pratima Singh

[3 Mins] As our knowledge grows, what are you seeing? e.g. Is it Lab made?

[6 Mins]  Mental health on the frontline

[14 Mins] Epidemiology: Worrying new information is emerging

[17 Mins]  The side effects of chronically underfunded mental health services

[22 Mins] Some upside: Flattening the curve and the community

[28 Mins] BAME inequalities: The chilling facts

[34 Mins] Mental health inequalities and BAME communities

[38 Mins] Where will we be one month from now?

[40 Mins] The magic wand: Dr Shikta Das and Dr Pratima Singh

[45 Mins] Where to find our guests online


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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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