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Side Effects: Covid-19 / Ep28: How to know it’s safe to return to work? Kursty Groves, Workplace Strategist, talks work in the new normal.

[46 Mins]

Today, I talk to Kursty Groves founder of ShapeWorkLife. Kursty is a specialist in the design of workplaces, helping organisations understand how to use their physical environment to boost performance, enhance culture and support innovation.

During the Covid19 pandemic she has come into increased demand with organisations wanting to know how to design safe and creative return to work strategies. Personally reflecting and pivoting in delivery, we discuss how now more than ever it is key to deliver the Home, Hub, Digital blend of work optimally. Our discussion today reflects and guides on this topic, and much more.

[1 Min 30]  Kursty and her route through Design, Engineering and Innovation.

[4 Mins] ?What If! and the Physical Work Environment challenge.

[6 Mins 30] I Wish I Worked There (Wiley) What I learnt from the likes of Disney and Dyson.

[9 Mins] 4 Space types: Collaborative, Social/Play, Stimulating & Reflective.

[11 Mins] Nesta: Research into Innovation & Space with Tilt – The Why and  the How.

[14 Mins] Client workplace design in the coronavirus crisis.

[17 Mins] What to do to be Covid secure. Is this the death of the office?

[19 Mins] ‘Low Touch, High Connection’ interactions.

[21 Mins 30] Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer’s 2013 quote is now more than ever from a bygone era

[25 Mins] Individuals, as social creatures and work. It’s an individual and environmental thing.

[27 Mins] Compartmentalising time.

[29 Mins] Government Guidance: The challenges

[33 Mins 30]  Reducing anxiety and supporting mental health. The key to feeling safe.

[34 Mins 30] Phase 1 trials: Circulate, Access, Split workforce

[38 Mins] Magic Wand: Home, Hub, Digital mix

[42 Mins] Zoom, 37 Signals, Monday.com

[44 Mins] Finding Kursty online


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