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Side Effects: Covid19 / Ep39: What 10 things did the first wave of Covid-19 teach us about Britain?

[41 Mins]

As we near the end of the first wave of Covid-19, what have we learnt?

I knew that when I talked about the future for Britain with a group of specialists with 250 years worth of expert know-how (across many creative fields), I would come away with an alternative perspective on the possible road ahead.

For a quick-ish take-away, in this episode I discuss these insights, and condense them into my 10 top points.

What do you think about this potentially different set of focal points for a healthy British society?

Tune in, and tell us your thoughts.

[1 Min]  Where to begin? Sir David King and the Independent SAGE group are reflecting on the road ahead, but where are the designers, creatives and producers for Britain?

[3 Mins] TEN points to focus upon in creating a better Britain [in Work, Health and Play]

[4 Mins 30] ONE: Inequality Britain: Race, Gender, Education and Work
(Listen to Dr Shikta Das shines a worrying spotlight on BAME communities, mental health inequalities, and the emerging data)

[8 Mins] TWO: A National Health Service or a National ‘Ill’ Health Service?
(Listen to Obesity and why its not too late to stop being 10x more likely to die of Covid-19, by Dr Aseem Malhotra)

[11 Mins] THREE: Mental Health and Well 2.0 standards

[15 Mins] FOUR: Return to Work: A simple fix or the impossible jigsaw?
(Listen to Kursty Groves, Workplace Strategist, talks returning to work in the new normal.)

[19 Mins] FIVE: Community Service, or just serving communities?

[20 Mins 30] SIX: Shall we trash our commitment to Constant Growth?

[22 Mins] SEVEN: Surveillance and Technology [inc. the Trust Index ,The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff and NHS X]

[27 Mins 30] EIGHT: Mother nature and Resilience

[29 Mins] NINE: Social Care and Aging [The Green paper in the wings and Give a Friday]

[31 Mins] TEN: Over to you

[33 Mins] The Magic Wand: What If?

[35 Mins] Matt’s conclusions. Insight into what he heard and asks, How Might We?

[37 Mins 30] Kursty’s video request. Are you up for it?  [please tweet @weareten2 #TGBDC] – Thanks to Nationwide we have some examples.

[39 Mins] Insight on Demand. The key to answers for your corporate challenges in a post (first wave) Covid world. Find out about a new service  Matt and TEN have built for you.

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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