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Side Effects / Ep46: Matt’s story [and 6 tips to success]

[26 Mins]

So I thought it may be of interest to learn about my backstory, and how and why I got to this place today. I start off talking about my initial desire to work in TV and then my journey through healthcare at the Coal Face. Finally, I ask you to remember that ‘your clock is ticking’ and that there is no time like the present to act on your need for change.

Sound interesting? Well let’s just dive in.

[1 Min]  An invitation to sign up to a Daily Dose [email]

[4 Mins] Realising that I always asked What If?

[5 Mins] ‘Masters of Innovation’ [IDEO] White Bear Yard, and asking how to get into design?

[7 Mins] The downside of going all in with work

[8 Mins] Nokia: What I learnt from a changing world?

[9 Mins] Building a insight and strategy agency with just naivety and bravery

[10 Mins 30] The whole Diabetes lifecycle – and realising it was a time to change in the agency

[11 Mins 30] Pivot to ANATOMY HCD

[12 Mins 30] Good Care Days: A double-sided market

[15 Mins] TEN, Matt’s List or Ask Matt – Perspective, Product and people

[17 Mins] Helping others: sharing my experience a Premium access content offer in the making

[18 Mins] Top tips: 1 Ask yourself, what is it that you do/what is your superpower?

Top tips: 2. Find out how you can use where you are to test where you want to go?

[20 Mins] Top tips: 3. ‘Be the change you want to see’ Gandhi)

Top tips: 4. Believe in yourself and understand you can

[21 Mins]  Top tips: 5. Ask for help by giving help

[22 Mins 30]  Top tips: 6. Accept that your clock is ticking

[24 Mins] Sign up for the Daily Dose [email each day at 7 am]

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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