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Side Effects / Ep49: How the Coronavirus response could change our society and Human Rights. We talk Law and Risk with Samantha Oakley.

[50 Mins]

This week I talk with Samatha Oakley, Commercial Lawyer. We talk about risk, the Coronavirus act and more.

In the light of the updated regulations from the Prime Minister, we explore risk and the meaning of who is responsible for it. Then we go deeper to explore the far reaching factors of what trace this will leave on our society and our human rights.

[0 Min] How to sign up to the Daily Dose of inspiration

[2 Mins]  An introduction to Samantha and a history in media and tech convergence.

[6 Mins] What has changed in the last 6 months since we talked PPE and Masks4All? The duty of care of the government

[10 Mins] Let’s talk risk and the latest updates from Boris Johnson. e.g. the young as a vectors for disease.

[12 Mins] The apportioning of risk. Is it the public or the government’s responsibility (and in what  measure/ with what effect)?

[15 Mins] Are the NICE guidelines in contravention of human rights and the Equality law?

[16 Mins 30] Transmission, the young and the Chris Whitty Hypothesis: Blaming the young vs. their responsibilities.

[21 Mins] The missing wider conversations about looking after our community.

[23 Mins] The ‘Freedom Pass’ and hanging out with the uninfected. Is this really the future we want to target? Also, what can we learn from Marshals and US traffic cops and the side stepped 4th amendment (via 99% Invisible).

[26 Mins] Let’s explore the example of attending the football at Brighton & Hove Albion FC. Where does the risk move, and why need a Freedom Path?

[30 Mins] How do you deliver for all under Public Liability: The duty of care.

[34 Mins] Discussing the Sky News report: Using £100Bn for just testing (vs £130Bn on the whole NHS).

[40 Mins] Exploring the behavioural surplus area of data and track and trace. What does this mean in the long run for human rights?

[42 Mins] The basic right to privacy: The missing Data Protection impact assessment

[45 Mins] Magic Wand: Clarity to give us confidence [in Covid 19 and Brexit]

[48 Mins] Finding Samantha online on LinkedIn and at so-law.co.uk


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Matt Pattison

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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