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Side Effects / Covid-19 / Ep29: Mindset and the ability to pivot to succeed: Founders Jan and Caroline Creidenberg talk agility and how they grew their businesses during the pandemic

[46 Mins]

Today, I talk to Jan Creidenberg Co-Founder of Minneties and his daughter Caroline Creidenberg , Founder of Wedfuly.com.

Both are founders of companies that needed to pivot in totally different industries when the coronavirus crisis hit.

Jan, a career veteran executive in health care, had to work out how to access surgeons when he (and they) were locked out of the operating room.

Caroline, a start up wedding planner business CEO, had to work out what to do about her wedding business when all ceremonies were cancelled.

Their stories show great agility, flexibility and creativity; and have led to growth in times when it would have been easy to accept rejection.

I particularly felt uplifted by their adaptation of technologies such as Zoom (which comes out of this with a glowing reference).

[1 Min 30]  Jan Creidenberg (ex-Care Fusion/BD), a career in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Now developing and delivering Minneties

[5 Mins 30] Caroline Creidenberg and starting out as a software engineer, finding a way into the wedding industry

[7 Mins 30] Coronavirus happens, what happens next in the Wedding business? I’ll do one virtual wedding…

[10 Mins] Coronavirus happens, what happens next in the Medical device world? We are all locked out of surgeries.

[12 Mins 30] Rethinking programs: The Zoom Journal Club and Minneties reaches far more Surgeons

[14 Mins] ‘Hats off to Zoom’: Usability was the key

[15 Mins] Zoom in Medical: Stepping in where all conferences were being cancelled. The pivot with the Ohio Society Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

[17 Mins 30] Product Market Fit in Online Weddings: From ’30’ to ‘500’ post Coronavirus

[21 Mins 30] The power of Tech: Hybrid futures

[22 Mins 30] Delivering more Coronavirus friendly surgeries

[25 Mins] New ways of doing business

[27 Mins] Millennials hopes

[30 Mins]  Missing the meetings at the whiteboard: The power of face to face connections in business

[32 Mins] The future of cities e.g NY being transformed

[35 Mins] Magic Wand: Caroline’s people

[37 Mins] Magic Wand: Jan’s open minded innovations: The pivot of Innovia Medical

[40 Mins] The pandemic exposes the US healthcare model

[44 Mins] Finding Jan and Caroline online


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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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