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Side Effects / Covid-19 / Ep31: Dr Kate Hammer talks orchestrating impact in her leading roles in NHS Hero Support, Shield Collaborative and Covsleeves

[48 Mins]

Today, I talk to Dr Kate Hammer who in the pandemic has held numerous key roles orchestrating support, whilst in lockdown from her London home.

From her work at NHS Hero Support to the Shield Collaborative, we discuss how to orchestrate effective management in a crisis, through to relationship management and support. As we talk about her current projects like ‘Covsleeves.com’, Kate opens up about how her work enables safer human interactions. 

[4 Min 30]  Being prepared in lockdown: Logistical not emotional. Working from a place of safety [recognising the privilege].

[7 Mins] My Covid story, is a story of networks, not bubbles.

[8 Mins] Mothers doing high level pro-bono work.

[9 Mins] The second frontline: Those living alone [or working alone] and She Leads Change

[13 Mins] Daily Cup of Calm: Being present but not being required to perform.

[16 Mins] ‘Cheers’: You never know when a hit is coming.

[19 Mins] Buying PPE from China: The reality of systems design thinking between the UK and China (and beyond) – and dealing with the Department of Health

[21 Mins 30] The Shield Collaborative: The changing story of CE marking requirements and business as usual.

[23 Mins 30] To the CBI: Don’t sacrifice to centralised mass production, the magic of distributed networks.

[25 Mins] A balanced mix of industrial scale and small scale production. Do not over simplify. Its not about being anti-globalist.

[27 Mins 30] Nothing comes just from Amazon.

[27 Mins] Derby Royal Infirmary – In a full ICU: Burn rate of up to 1 million pieces a month.

[30 Mins]  The highest rates of Covid: Its not the ICU Doctor, it’s the Housekeeper.

[32 Mins] Garments for the Care Home sector inc PPE for visitors –  Covsleeves.com

[35 Mins] Solving the puzzle by Gantik: From adhesive on paper to Dental Bibs tech re-purposed for Covid19 [The Centre for Textile Conservation]

[42 Mins] The Magic Wand: Make learning possible.


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Image Credit: She Leads Change

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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