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Side Effects / E33 / How will Britain recover? The Great British Design Challenge: Healthcare [1]

[37 Mins]

In The Great British Design Challenge (TGBDC) we set out to discover what leading designers and film makers, innovators and design researchers would do in the next phase of coronavirus and what impact it would have on our society in the long run.

We explore the design of society from a different perspective to that of the SAGE group (or Independent SAGE) by questioning what key factors to address to help Britain move forward.

In this podcast of #TGBDC we cover Sustainable Healthcare. [Listen to part 2 here.]

[1 Min]  Introductions to The Great British Design Challenge.

[2 Mins] Welcome to (and backgrounds of) Anja Klüver,  Susie QuddusCharlie DruceMartin SadofskiNico Macdonald, Kate Hammer PhD 🏠, Mark Hester and Patrick Olszowski.

[12 Mins] Sustainability in healthcare, and inequalities in health: Don’t assume equal access in digital and home schooling.

[13 Mins] UN Sustainable Development goals are failing. How do we understand poverty, even in a country like the UK.

[15 Mins] Disproaportionate inequality in the determinants of health.

[17 Mins] The jungle pecking order: From infection levels in the ICU to the higher risks in housekeepers for PPE.

[20 Mins] Where do we protect those that need protection from Covid19: Like WW2 bombers.

[21 Mins] Gender and Design: safety issues based more on men, than women and children.

[22 Mins] Being Trumped by Commercial and taking responsibility for what is produced: A question for business models and business.

[25 Mins] Right now we are rapid prototyping society with no time to perfect: Time equals lives at risk.

[27 Mins] Social Care: What can be done in terms of ICT moving forward? The Green Paper in the wings, still.

[31 Mins] Insurance from companies like AXA: The mitigation strategies and a role in building the French society. A partner for life.

[34 Mins] The National Ill Health Service, not the National Health Service

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