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Side Effects / Covid19 / Ep34: How will Britain recover? The Great British Design Challenge: Healthcare [2]

[40 Mins]

In The Great British Design Challenge (TGBDC) we set out to discover what leading designers and film makers, innovators and design researchers would do in the next phase of coronavirus and what impact it would have on our society in the long run.

We explore the design of society from a different perspective to that of the SAGE group (or Independent SAGE) by questioning what key factors to address to help Britain move forward.

Part 2 of #TGBDC:  Sustainable Healthcare. [Listen to part 1 here.]

[1 Min]  Introductions to part 2 of  The Great British Design Challenge – Sustainable Healthcare.

[2 Mins] Welcome to (and backgrounds of) Anja Klüver,  Susie QuddusCharlie DruceMartin SadofskiNico Macdonald, Kate Hammer PhD 🏠, Mark Hester and Patrick Olszowski.

[10 Mins] Picking up from the end of Part 1: Mark Hester talks about The National Ill Health Service, not the National Health Service

[12 Mins] The Silver Bullet  vs. Public Health initiatives: What is the makeup of investment

[14 Mins] The pandemic of sleep deprivation: Why does the resident doctor does a 12-hour sleep?

[16 Mins] Economic poverty, ill health and a living wage, But lets not forget mental health and peoples agency

[17 Mins] State or Civil society responsibility. A discussion on state vs. private sector and Mariana Mazzucato.

[20 Mins] Referencing management of Covid vs, the Economy and wider health – No such thing as a risk free option

[23 Mins] The gold rush for choice, or coming together for the common good e.g. Masks 4 All

[25 Mins] Summary: 1. The idea of the common good & 2. How do we cope with the next pandemic shock?

[27 Mins] Summary: 3. What about Religion? & 4. Not the Manhattan project: Cannot just parachute in technology in as the saviour

[30 Mins] Summary: 5. Where is the learning platform for insights from around the world & 6. How do we stay curious when others are shutting things down?

[32 Mins] Summary: 7. Let’s not assume things and be more critical thinkers & 8. Do we challenge constant Growth in what we eat, how we breathe, how we rest, work and play.

[36 Mins] How do we design a better system? The challenge set out in the light of the creation of TEN.

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