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Side Effects / Covid19 / Ep35: How will Britain recover? The Great British Design Challenge: Work & Society [3]

[55 Mins]

In The Great British Design Challenge we discover what leading Workspace designers, TV and film makers, innovators and design researchers identify as the problems that society most needs solving, and what the potential long-term impacts might be if left unresolved.

We explore the design of society from a different perspective to that of the SAGE group (or Independent SAGE) by questioning what key factors to address to help Britain move forward.

In this podcast of #TGBDC we cover Work & Play. [Listen to part 2]

[1 Min]  Introductions to session two of The Great British Design Challenge – Work & Play (part 1).

[2 Mins] Welcome to (and backgrounds of) Kursty Groves, Mat Hunter, Will Knight, Greg Boardman, Clare Hester, Heather McQuaid

[7 Mins] Returning to work: The impossible jigsaw or a simple fix?

[10 Mins] Phases in coming back to work: Beyond cultural presentee-ism to looking after one another.

[12 Mins] Levelling the playing field when at home: Will it last? Vs Zoom fatigue.

[13 Mins] Live action television shows need us to go back to work. But there are big issues e.g. lack of insurance cover.

[15 Mins] Circular saws and lathes, we have seen Health & Safety issues before – Being Covid Secure and individual choice and taking responsibility.

[22 Mins] Operational Resilience – beyond the Government guidance.

[24 Mins] Distributed culture building: Standard Operating Procedures, Zoom meet up’s and a little humour.

[28 Mins] Those that cannot work from home. Why staying opening , or opening up is key.

[32 Mins] The worrying factor about limiting education for the kids that need nurturing.

[34 Mins] From oxytocin to mentoring, is there really a death of the office?

[36 Mins] Track, Trace and Surveillance: What is acceptable?

[39 Mins] Let’s be careful: Who stands to benefit most (Thinking The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff).

[43 Mins] Tech is always ahead of legislators – think electronic scooters, now Covid.

[45 Mins] The Ethnical Machete for the design explorers.

[47 Mins] Good insightful strong leaders: Where are they now?

[51 Mins] The tech company see the lo-fi as ineffective. But Track and Trace by older battle hardened methods proven might work not just NHS X.

Listen in for the next episode on The Great British Design Challenge: Work and Play (Part 2)

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