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Side Effects / Covid19 / Ep36: How will Britain recover? The Great British Design Challenge: Work & Society [4]

[67 Mins]

In The Great British Design Challenge we discover what leading Workspace designers, TV and film makers, innovators and design researchers identify as the problems that society most needs solving, and what the potential long-term impacts might be if left unresolved.

We explore the design of society from a different perspective to that of the SAGE group (or Independent SAGE) by questioning what key factors to address to help Britain move forward.

In this podcast of #TGBDC we cover Work & Play. [Listen to part 1]

[1 Min]  Introduction to session two of The Great British Design Challenge – Work & Play (part 2).

[2 Mins] Welcome to (and backgrounds of) Kursty Groves, Mat Hunter, Will Knight, Greg Boardman, Clare Hester, Heather McQuaid

[8 Mins] Returning to play: Football without crowds, the NBA and the broader live-based entertainment world.

[12 Mins] Desirability, Feasibility and Viability: The reality of the business model is key to recovery.

[14 Mins] Design, ethics and who am I working for? Then ask yourself, what am I working for?

[16 Mins] The new danger in the forest: Dealing with climate change alongside Covid-19

[18 Mins] The Well 2.0 standard and mental health first aid framework. Thinking hard about the office part of this.

[23 Mins] Just ‘holding it together’ . How can we better communicate?

[27 Mins] We are all on the Rollercoaster- mental health awareness is critical in this crisis.

[31 Mins] TV content will become less locally relevant, more global. SVOD will continue, movies more special effects. What next?

[36 Mins] Being better prepared: The East and Asia Collectivism vs. the West individualistic culture – why we are still in trouble.

[38 Mins] Tuberculosis to Cholera, changes in society are built to change the  built environment to meet need.

[41 Mins] The ownership of time. Will we move to purpose driven work and purpose driven communities e.g. A non-military national service?

[44 Mins] Community service is a gift, today it’s seen as a punishment.

[46 Mins] Resilience: The community, society, the state or corporations. What blend of actors is the big question.

[47 Mins] Life is not all Watches and Suitcases: Why Wired is the opposite of being happy where you are.

[50 Mins] Magic Wand: 1. The non-military national service, 2. Give a Friday  3. Leadership being enlightened

[53 Mins] Magic Wand: 4. Institutional trust and people having compassion for each other, 5. Remove bias (partisanship), replaced with compassion and critical thinking 6. Courage.

[60 Mins] Kursty’s video request – a video message to yourself in the future 6 months hence

[62 Mins] Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka and Covid-19

[63 Mins] Lets increase diversity…

[64 Mins] Eat, Rest, Sleep, Work, Play & Live: Let’s get a better balance

Listen to part 1 here

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