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How to build a TV campaign

Powerful drama. Impactful documentary. Engaging debate.


Prostate Cancer UK’s target audience does not traditionally deal with issues of healthcare out in the open. They knew that to truly deliver a message of impact, they needed a new approach to engage, tackle the issues at hand, and reach their target ‘ITV man’.

A particular strength of ours lies in successfully reaching hard-to-reach target audiences, with often hard-to-land-messaging. So we saw the opportunity for a new way to reach this target and proposed an audacious idea, a heist movie. Raising awareness whilst delivering great entertainment.



This gripping drama starring Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Neil Stuke and Tamzin Outhwaite targeted an approach which aimed to turn mass heads with bolder, more impactful communications − delivered in a tone of voice that broadcast and online audiences are already actively looking for.

Using strong drama to embed prostate cancer facts and figures, our movie-drama approach generated huge PR, news and editorial across ITV, press and online. Over 4 million people engaged with the initiative across the campaign period.

‘Our most successful campaign ever.’ Seamus O’Farrell, Marketing Director.

 The TEN Difference: Talk to, don’t sell to. An Audience-first approach leads to impact.