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How to build a campaign that changes the law

Changing England’s Approach to Stroke Survival


In the not too distant past, stroke was seen as a death sentence. The disease was regarded as one of old age, with little hope offered for a person’s prospects beyond it. Stroke sufferers and their families were told to live with compromises. We knew it could be different.

Through conversations with over 2,000 stroke survivors and carers, we helped the Stroke Association to redefine what life after stroke really meant.

We heard how people wanted to stop professionals and society from writing them off. Learning from cancer care, The Stroke Association has, with our help, permanently changed what surviving stroke means for patients and their families.

The association’s advocacy set a new standard for the rights of carers (through the Care Act) and ensured new guidelines were developed for the treatment of childhood stroke care. During one of the largest reorganisations in the history of the NHS, we ensured that the aspirations of stroke survivors were reflected in NHS policy and practice.

Our work has started the journey to reducing the misdiagnosis of childhood stroke, has helped raise over £2m and changed how stroke as an illness is thought about, talked about and responded to. Life after stroke now means life regained.

The TEN Difference: using large-scale conversation to transform a national healthcare system’s approach to stroke survival.