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Launched a wearable device to tackle daily stress

Helping BioSelf Technology to market


Stress is a constant factor in many people’s day to day lives. BioSelf Technology Ltd, a UK-based startup, exists to create wearable products to help people deal with the debilitating impacts of stress on their daily lives.


BioSelf already knew, from research, that they had the genesis of an idea that could work but had not yet made a product, which is why they turned to our deep experience in wearables.

Bioself wanted the final product to be ‘always on’, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. We worked with BioSelf to rapidly take the idea from idea to pre-production. This has included defining the core proposition of the product and creating ‘looks like’ and functional prototypes.

We then tested the prototypes with potential customers to understand how the product may be used in ‘the wild’. BioSelf now have a market-ready product, serving a clear customer need.

Our expertise has led to patentable discoveries and increased investor support for the mass production rollout, expected 2019.

The TEN Difference: Offering and delivery based on expertise, to take ideas to rollout in ways as stress-free as the product itself.