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Revolutionised the changing room experience to help define the future of retail

The future of the F&F brand at Tesco


We’ve all been there. You walk into a crowded changing room in a shop. You have to wait ages for a booth. Clothes are strewn across the floor. Tesco felt that this experience was all too common amongst their customers in their clothing departments. They knew that a poor experience in the fitting room was damaging sales and clouding the customers’ perception of their F&F brand.

To address these challenges, we were commisisoned to research and validate the ‘smart-changing room’ experience and discover new service opportunities the F&F brand could pursue across the complete customer experience. Working with Tesco we set out to explore how the changing room experience could be transformed through understanding the behaviours of shoppers and taking advantage of cutting edge digital tools.

One of our earliest insights was that shoppers didn’t want to be forced to have to buy online, due to lack of items in store. Both shoppers and staff also desired a better in-store experience.

The mix of technology and environmental design aimed to assist shoppers in creating outfits from the Tesco’s range, share their ideas online with friends and family and buy everything there and then, rather than having to buy some items in store and others online.

We created in-store experience scenarios, store blue prints and used 3D store visualisations to demonstrate and explore how the digital touchpoints could be integrated into future store developments.

We created a roadmap for Tesco’s future digital innovations, identified business dependencies and defined the Minimal Viable Product experience so that Tesco could get the concept to market faster and use the pilot as an effective springboard into the future of retail. The programme validated Tesco’s vision for the F&F brand, but it also uncovered some additional valuable innovations that the company could implement, adding further value to the end-to-end connected and smart retail experience.

The TEN difference- The smart changing room enables Tesco and its shoppers to reimagine the retail experience of F&F clothing.