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Do you need to understand the impact of autonomous vehicles on travel?

Driving decision-making in autonomous vehicles and envisioning the driverless tomorrow


The world of transport is shifting gears faster than Lewis Hamilton. Technology companies such as Google, Uber, Dyson and Apple are disrupting the transport sector, challenging traditional auto makers to keep up or move to slow lane.

To compete in such fast and furious environment, our client, a premium car manufacturer, needed a clear vision of their future customers. The key questions to be answered:

how would their customers’ needs change in the future; and what value might they see in self-driving cars?

We conducted consumer-led self-ethnography (across three continents) to understand current attitudes and behaviours. And we interviewed forward-thinking experts in infrastructure, robotics, aviation and psychology to understand the forces that will shape how people live, work and travel.

We then crafted a framework that outlined several distinct types of future customers, defined by the value that autonomy would offer them. This framework was so powerful that other teams and departments quickly adopted it, applying it to their projects to drive decision-making across design and strategy.

The TEN Difference: Enabling our clients to envision the future and confidently compete with automotive incumbents, as well as the fast-moving tech giants.