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The creation of Manage Centre for Dimensional Data


Dimension Data provides information technology products and services, digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and creating work spaces for tomorrow. With the advent of cloud solutions and digitalisation, they knew clients’ expectations were evolving and pressure from competitors would only increase. In this context, Dimension Data wanted to gain an even deeper understanding of how best to serve people.

Dimension Data serviced their customer needs through 8 disparate systems, creating a challenging environment to manage and analyse the performance of the client’s IT infrastructure. Our specialism in digital service design, enabled us to completely redesign their core support offering. We were tasked with streamlining Dimension Data’s disconnected support platforms into a single, unified experience to provide customers with increased control over their IT systems and drive customer engagement, retention and increase overall profitability.

We quickly identified that clients wanted to see both how their IT systems were performing day-to-day and how their investment was paying off in terms of reducing costs and growing productivity. In response, we created and delivered ‘Manage Centre’, a new customer management platform focused on delivering a future-ready and customer centric experience.

Manage Centre has rapidly become one of the fundamental toolsets within our services portfolio

John Andrews, Group Services Principal Product Portfolio Director, Dimension Data


The impacts were immediate with Dimension Data reporting they saw a 307% growth in new service clients, 515% growth in data centre services revenue and a 150% increase in client engagement. Manage Centre is now seen by the company as a vital component of their future marketing and service delivery plans.

Our new Manage Centre is amazing and we have a real winner in the market

Brett Dawson, CEO 2004-2016

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