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'It's all about the customer'

Do you have difficulties knowing you have framed the problem correctly? Perhaps you've many stakeholders, a complex system and a hole in understanding re: your customer needs? Or maybe you need to stand out from the crowd but can't see how to in the eyes of your customers. We hear you.

Matt and his teams have been working on game changing innovations in health for 20+ years. We know its' tough. As an ex-clinician, design thinker and founder himself, Matt has accessed many of the deep secrets of customer needs in health. Whilst using them to guide the route to correctly framing the problem and finding the optimal solution. complex challenges.

Why do what we do?

How can we help your:

“Let us design and deliver to reflect people and their needs (especially in these times). It's all about the customer”

Matt Pattison

TEN, Founder

Meet the Team

Matt Pattison

TEN Founder, Director and CEO

Matt's eclectic career has taken him from clinician to researcher, designer to film maker. He works tirelessly to design products and services that represent the lives and needs of everyday people across context and culture.

Matt has been lucky enough to develop technology for residents in South African townships, craft luxury automotive marque services for super-fans and empower design for patient's needs living with chronic disease. The human story is always his focus.

He is here to help you see what matters to your customer. Then to be your companion in optimising the solution to match these needs so you can outcompete your competitor.

Susie Quddus

Marketing Manager

Susie loves to see creative businesses grow from seed to tree. She has worked for a number of businesses, streamlining and amplifying their brand voice. With a background in Advertising & Graphic Design, she has over 10 years experience successfully balancing the juxtaposition between design (making sure it works) and communications (it tells a good story).

What does she enjoy talking about over a coffee? From medical products/services to wellbeing, mindfulness and food & nutrition, Susie is a little bit obsessed with understanding how the human body and mind could work better for everyone.


Samantha Oakley

Samantha is a deeply experienced lawyer and advisor. Working with TEN, she provides General Counsel services based on her extensive legal heritage in media, technology and consulting.

Samantha offers the team a vital perspective on the rapidly changing systems landscape and IP, whilst helping us navigate complex innovation always with flexibility and fairness in mind.

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