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About us

We exist to connect the top 1% of global innovators in health, to clients and their challenges.

Our goal is to get you faster selection and better direction for your project. Whether you are researching, designing, engineering or developing products or services, we can get you the right people and the right direction through the right process.

Why do we do what we do?

We set out to deliver:

“I have seen consulting from every angle and that's why I set out to build you a better experience. I know that no matter how fancy the studio, it’s the experience that delivers!"

Matt Pattison

Founder, CEO

Meet the Team

Matt Pattison

Founder CEO

Moving into innovation 15 years ago Matt has always loved fast moving and complex challenges. He has developed medical devices (for the most alien of environments) and service designs (for all corners of the earth). He has seen the innovation process working across 25 countries.

Building two boutique agencies and a platform, Matt has seen clients needs from many angles and so he set out to put a dent into the world of better discovery, with TEN. “We are humans who help other humans in the work of discovery. TENs are renaissance people who connect with others. We are about relationships, not Ai selling brains per hour.” 

Susie Quddus

Marketing Manager

Susie loves to see businesses grow from seed to tree. She has worked for a number of businesses, streamlining and amplifying their brand voice. With a background in Advertising & Graphic Design, she has over 10 years experience successfully balancing the juxtaposition between design (making sure it works) and communications (it tells a good story) to help organisations grow.

What does she enjoy talking about over a coffee? From medical products/services to wellbeing, mindfulness and food & nutrition, Susie is a little bit obsessed with understanding how the human body and mind could work better for everyone.

Larissa Kunstel

Producer and Community Designer

Larissa brings all the bits together. Whether you’re coming to us for a Sprint, Summit or to be part of the community, she will build the best experience possible. A polymath, she has experience in many fields; from starting out with fixing London Underground trains to designing flying dresses for Lady Gaga. With a background in engineering and design from Imperial College and the Royal College of Art, as well as ten year’s experience as a project manager, Larissa loves to get stuck in and work with people from different disciplines and backgrounds.

Karen Goldhill

Business Development Manager

Karen is the first point of contact that many of our clients have with TEN. She loves speaking to new people and introducing them to the benefits and advantages of our innovative system. Working hard to build relationships with our future clients, Karen loves nothing more than seeing how an initial 30 second conversation can turn into a mutually rewarding partnership. With many years of experience supporting companies across many sectors and industries she loves the world of business, whilst also squeezing in some time to research where to go on her next theatre trip or holiday.


Patrick Olszowski

Patrick is a communications and insight professional who targets work with those changing the world. With TEN he applies his extensive communications background to help our team craft and curate both effective messaging, and fruitful engagement strategies. Whilst he is also on a personal mission to impact major corporations so they can grow their profits and the difference they make in the world in equal measure.

Samantha Oakley

Samantha is a deeply experienced lawyer and advisor. Working with TEN, she provides General Counsel services based on her extensive legal heritage in technology, media and consulting.

Samantha offers the team a vital perspective on the rapidly changing systems landscape and IP, whilst helping us navigate complex innovation always with flexibility and fairness in mind.

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