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Q1. Can you help me understand my customers?

We agree with Jeff Bezos 'The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer'. The world's richest man has become so successful because of his laser focus on the customer.

We understand from decades of close quarter observations and conversations / hang outs with customers a lot about what makes them tick.

Whatever your health or health tech innovation customer challenge, we are set up to cut through the noise and help you deliver better for them [and thus you].

Q2. Where does TEN specialise?

Product and service innovations in:

Healthcare [across settings, across the globe]
Health tech [including future focused models]
Patient Experience & Clinician Experience [VOC]
Procurement and Systems [VOC]
Innovations in Health - Trends and Design Provocations
Design for Behaviour guidance in health
Community care

Note: Whilst we target health, wellbeing and health tech, our expertise comes from across sectors including Telecommunications, Media, Built Environment, FMCG, Digital development, Automotive and Human Performance.

Q3. Why should I work with TEN?

We can cut through the noise in the complex world of health and care.

We can offer first hand experienced based off 20 years of at the coal face know how.

This is all backed by a deep understanding of very many stakeholder categories in the healthcare ecosystem; and therefore your business.

Q4. How do I talk to TENs about my consulting project?

• We have a call to understand your most pressing challenge.
• We show you the particular high impact packages
• We help you explore and find direction with a simple first steps approach if you are keen.