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Our world is built on stories. Our stories are films on humanity.

Do genetics or ones environment most affect depression? - BBC

Father's Day - Prostate Cancer UK

Delivering Fashion in 4K: Behind the scenes with Paul Smith - Sony

GB Seamonsters - The House Of Film

Scientists reveal how much water you consume daily - AXA Research Fund

Klopp, Lijnders & Krawietz: Managing Success - AXA

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Our award winning talent include writers, directors, producers and researchers who display a fine portfolio of work including Martin Sadofski, Julian Kerridge and more.

Recent work by the TEN team members includes Alistair Campbell Depression and Me for the BBC, nominated for the prestigious Grierson Award. “Undercover in The Alt-Right” for Swedish State Television STV. The cinema short Fathers Day starring Ray Winstone, John Simm and Charles Dance which won a Cannes Lion.

We specialise in:

1. Human Performance
2. Health and Wellness &
3. Sports Documentary

Our Values

Global perspective told through ethnographic narrative

Humanity deeply explored

Connecting the dots to meaning

Understanding our rapidly changing world

Award winning content and innovative creations

Reaching a global audience

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