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Side Effects/ My story of Long Covid [a patient’s journey] with Anne Thompson


It has been estimated that Covid-19 has left as many as 10% of patients, like Anne Thompson, with debilitating symptoms long after the initial infection has cleared.

In this episode of Side Effects, I talk to Anne about her journey from initial infection through to the long term impact Covid is having on her health and wellbeing. We chat about the support network and online videos (not NHS) that has / is helping her though her illness, and the impact ‘Long Covid’ could have on our healthcare system and messaging?

[1 Min] Anne’s story of long Covid

[3 Mins] March 10th and ‘feeling like someone standing on my chest’

[5 Mins] Post diagnosis: How I stayed out of hospital. Relying on the internet nurse videos (not the NHS)

[8 Mins] Our group of support to help us through

[9 Mins] Locked out of the Walk-in clinic

[12 Mins] My life before Covid as a fit 73yr old Labour activist

[15 Mins] Deterioration in my function and ‘brain fog’

[17 Mins] Feeling the effects of long Covid

[19 Mins] The ONS study, a positive test [when I was well] and rejection from my GP

[25 Mins] My friend gets Covid a 2nd time in Bradford

[27 Mins] Improving health of the nation for all, a public health message

[29 Mins] Herd immunity vs. proactive health

[31 Mins] Magic Wand: A government that puts the life of the people first

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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