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The Discovery & Design Channel in Health
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TEN - The Discovery & Design Channel in Health

After nearly 4-months focusing on the Covid19 crisis (with TEN for GOOD CIC ) we are back at TEN.

Our team and expert community are raring to go, ready to help you design a healthier world with our extensive Insight On-Demand service. Get in touch to learn more.

For the latest thinking, insights, trends and news in Health, tune-in to our Podcast, Side Effects. Subscribe on Spotify, iTunes or Stitcher

If you would like to join the conversation, get in touch on hello@weareten.co.uk

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Strategic Selection

Let us introduce you directly to the perfect match for your needs.

We help you problem solve around your brief with a strategic plan

Then we connect you to our best providers

We step aside to let you go on to do great work

From £3k to £5k

Let us help you

Design Sprints

Get results on your design challenge in just one week, with hand picked experts to match make future relationships.

Map then concept around your challenge

Work side by side with providers to accelerate trust and ensure fit

Build prototypes and test for results

Gain insight in the time it takes to write an RFP

From £20K to £60K

Let us help you

Design Summit

A fully bespoke vehicle for discovery that can take you anywhere.

100% bespoke design summits to explore and discover

Extensive options of mixes of providers unavailable in the open market


Let us help you

Real Business Value

Benefits to your team and organisation

Access the Top 1% Global Innovators

  • Work with senior, trusted, responsive, agile and highly skilled people
  • Receive diverse perspectives from your curated multidisciplinary team

Better Discovery

  • No more buy before you try models, or being pitched at
  • No longer forced down a single procedural route


  • Let us vet and matchmake, connecting you so we can optimise time, effort and investment
  • ‘Try TEN’ - work with multiple providers all under 1 roof before you commit


  • Streamlined and simplified access to a full range of experts
  • Explore, understand and evolve your knowledge in less than the time it usually takes to receive proposals

Game Changers

  • Solve complex problems your company is facing in today’s world
  • Engage with a top tier talent pool where truly novel and ground breaking innovation can happen

Increase Profits and Quality

  • Top tier innovators that can benefit your bottom line
  • Better value for money

Mentoring with Matt Book now...

Together we have the power to solve your biggest challenges
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Some kind words clients say about us

“When we engaged the TEN network through our supplier we knew we would get amazing design. What we were exposed to was the very best in researchers, engineers, film makers, strategists and digital developers.I will never go anywhere else now when I am looking for creative expertise in any area”

Global SVP Marketing

“We all know that in many ways the consultancy model is broken. TEN’s refreshing new approach seems to solve so many of its failures”

Director of Customer Experience

“A shortcut to proven, vetted, flexible solutions. I love it”

Director of R&D

"The best professional support services I have experienced in many years. Agile. Engaging. Supportive. All round excellence"

Director of UX

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