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Side Effects / What can we learn from Astronauts? Dr Olesya Myakonkaya explains what their training can teach us about isolation at home

[36 mins]

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Dr Olesya Myakonkaya is a researcher and scientist, come designer. She has worked on Vaccines at GSK but has also completed extensive research on space travel (Mars Nation), the impact of isolation and the human factor in such missions. Olesya and I talk space, isolation and mindfulness.

[2 Mins]  Astronaut training

[6 Mins]  Isolation, and learning from space missions

[9 Mins] Feeling lonely vs being alone [ evolution factors]

[11 Mins]  The astronaut’s epiphany

[14 Mins] Meditation and mindfulness

[16 Mins]  A checklist of factors for consideration

[21 Mins]   Antarctic Expeditions and the importance of contrast

[23 Mins 30 ] Expedition Madness

[25 Mins 30] Setting the rules

[28 Mins] Long term spikes and Covid (if prolonged)

[30 Mins] The Mars Mindset

[32 Mins] Magic wand, and contact


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NOTE:  I thought I could not do a Space edition, without referring to this which dropped into my inbox this morning. It seemed like a gift.


Credit: Modern Toss:  Warning is it has the odd swear word..

Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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