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Side Effects / Why Doctors are not Superheroes!

Podcast [12 Mins]


The Catch-22 behind being seen as a ‘Superhero’ Doctor, and how we might be making things worse from a Human Factors perspective.

[2 Min]  Who are Doctors?

[5 Mins] Adam Kay and the reality of being a Junior Doctor/why GP’s can’t fill their vacancies

[7 Mins] Why the NHS is not Google

[8 Mins] Superheroes bounce back without blemishes, but do Doctors get PTSD?

[9 Mins 30] Human Factors and designing out the ‘hero’ myth

[10 Mins] Better lives for Doctors through job design, balance, health support and a new system

[12 Mins] How might we make this more resilient. You decide.

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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