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Side Effects / How much is the true cost for the BAME community? Dr Shikta Das explains how Covid is highlighting BAME inequality (with a reflection on her work on Diabetes)

[26 Mins]

As we hit the end of the first wave of Covid-19 in the UK, we invite Dr Shikta Das, from C4X Discovery and UCL, back onto the show to discuss the facts and what we have learnt.

We cover the risks to the BAME community, Diabetes, Non-Pharmaceutical interventions and societal approaches to resilience.

[2 Mins]  An Introduction from Dr Das

[4 Mins] BAME, Diabetes and the first wave: What actually did we learn in the wash up?

[7 Mins ] BAME specifics: Risk factors and Diabetes as the lead factor?

[10 Mins] Trickling out success in messaging, alongside a dose of failure

[11 Mins 30] Patterns of inheritance [and risk]

[12 Mins] Local shutdown: Leicester and the stigma of a ‘local’ blame game [Including the younger person transmission story]

[14 Mins] What does a positive test really mean?

[16 Mins] Physical distancing messaging, and why its tough in specific communities

[18 Mins] Track and Trace: Slipping through the cracks

[20 Mins] Summary from wave 1: Let’s not miss this opportunity

[24 Mins 30] Magic wand: Exposed fault lines


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Featured image credit: www.singerviellesales.com

Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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