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Side Effects / Shawna Butler, Nurse Economist and Founder of ‘EntrepreNURSE’ discusses empowering nurses as innovators

[67 Mins]

This week I talk with Health Economist, Nurse and Innovator Shawna Butler RN MBA 

We talk about the true reality of life in Texas at present under the Covid 19 pandemic. We explore how cutting edge innovations can, and should, come with nurses at the helm. Then define areas where clinicians should start to put their ideas into practice. If you are a nurse or other clinician who wants to turn ideas into impact, then this conversation is for you.

[2 Mins]  An introduction to Shawna, and her current experience of Texas and Covid.

[4 Mins] The emotional landscape of a thought leader in health in the USA today

[8 Mins] The challenge of public health

[11 Mins 30] The American healthcare system, and its exposed vulnerabilities

[16 Mins] Dying alone in Detroit: a tragic perspective in 2020

[19 Mins] A look at innovation and Nursing. From starting in the time of AIDS, through to business school and on to today. How much has changed?

[24 Mins] Thinking demand and supply and healthcare re-designed

[26 Mins] Technology and policy changes: Who does what, when and where?

[28 Mins] The EntrepreNURSE movement

[33 Mins] Critical stakeholders in the design process

[34 Mins] What Covid has revealed about Nursing?

[40 Mins] Gendered inequality in innovation

[42 Mins] What questions do Nurses ask you about entrepreneurship?

[44 Mins] Why you should explore places you would not normally go (or be invited)?

[50 Mins] Magic Wand: 1. Be Intentional 2. Impact Regulations & 3. Align financial incentives with healthcare outcomes

[1 Hour 02 Mins] Finding Shawna online at the See You Now Podcast   by  Johnson & Johnson Nursing and American Nurses Association  and on Twitter

[1 Hour 03] A question to Matt as a content creator

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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