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Digital transformation

‘Making the Invisible Visible’


2021 saw a boom in the digital health landscape like never before.

Having had a personal involvement in the potential of digital health since the early stages of iPhone in 2007/8 [whilst working with Nokia] it was clear that technology would offer an emerging landscape of opportunity in health and care.

We have been involved first hand in much work of promise for over 10 years. Creating Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps. Dashboard solutions and SaaS products that all play into better ways to deliver practice. Often work that has helped ‘make the invisible visible’. Helping align expectations between clinicians and patients, carers and  administrators.

As time passed we have seen also warning signs of our power. The work of Shoshana Zuboff and her ‘Age of Surveillance Capitalism’ offers a not so gentle reminder of  the ethical focus critical in omnipresent tech solutions, especially when considering health data.

There is, of course, so much potential when being in the pocket, or on the wrist (or elsewhere) of individuals. As long as we are motivated by helping our users to become a better version of themselves. Asking, does the user see value in this? Then we will be on the right path.


The TEN x Difference: Using digital to help people transform to a better version of themselves.


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