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From Human Factors Engineer to Chief Experience Officer [CXO]

After 20 years of change we still need the ‘carrot’ more than the ‘stick’


Back in 2004, I moved from clinical care into Design . Trading work with patients for the creation of products and services.

Early on in my new career I published an article about the importance of Human Factors as the ‘Carrot’ not just the ‘Stick’.

15 years on, and with more grey hair, I still hold firm to my belief of our transformational powers when applied correctly.

In the 100+ projects and many years that have passed, I have seen first hand the shift in demand for our services from product design to service innovation and over the last decade extensively in digital transformation.

Shifting gears once more in health to a new C-Suite in Medical innovation, as Chief Experience Officer [CXO]. A role with a mindset often seen as more at home in Apple than Addenbrookes.

I hope you will join me in my crusade for better?

The TEN x Difference: Thinking CXO where every interaction is an opportunity for better.

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