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The Power of Film

To engage with millions you need narratives that speak to the emotions


The power of story and the power of product are critical in the launch of any successful product or service.

In bringing together those comfortable with interviewing Jurgen Klopp with those used to designing tech for the Real-life-Iron-Man, at TEN we create sparks that are to others invisible.

Like a filmic way to communicate ‘value’ to customers; or product innovations that underpin fresh entertainment formats – we are never afraid to think different.


So whether it’s the thought leadership and insight from Podcasts like our 50 episode ‘Side Effects’. Or a Documentary film on med tech [think Louis Theroux] uncovering the secrets of the lives of customers. We build unusual yet harmonious hybrids that always exceed expectations.




The TEN x Difference:  Think storytelling, entertainment and interaction design – all in the two pizza rule team


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