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Side Effects / How to make sure we are serious about food? Ruth Wood from Crucial Food talks about Addiction (The Priory), Nutrition (The BBC) and the real effects of isolation in lockdown

[44 Mins]

So the PM and Government have an Obesity plan. With Boris perhaps learning the hard way about the effects of diet on Covid 19, a plan for a healthier Britain looks set to be built (and commended). But what is the reality of this as a course of action?

I talk with Ruth Wood – Nutritionist and Addiction health expert. Ruth has built practices at the BBC, in the City and at The Priory. We discuss what we need to understand about how food interacts with our body and mind. What are our weak spots, and how has lockdown exposed them?

[2 Mins]  An Introduction to Ruth’s exposure to nutrition after a trip  to Africa.

[4 Mins] Nutrition and Addiction – working with people since 2000 in the City and then at TV Centre at the BBC.

[6 Mins 30 ] The first nutritionist at The Priory – How nutrition works as part of management of cross over addictions – inc. drink, drugs and nutrition.

[9 Mins] The structure of food and its impact on life and in the body (and Crucial Food).

[13 Mins] Lockdown and the sweets pot for damage: When anxiety and depression is magnified, emotional eating (overeating and under eating)

[15 Mins] Stress, cortisol and the craving of higher sugar/higher fat food – the serotonin lifter.

[17Mins 30] The real impact of lockdown: A double whammy for Unhealthy Britain.

[18 Mins] The Good: People taking more interest in foods. The Bad – Overconsumption of alcohol.

[21 Mins 30] The differences between Men and Women [and nutrition].

[26 Mins] Nutritional education, and why it is so important.

[27 Mins] Why hospitals and schools can lead to damaging food scenarios: Where Jamie Oliver and James Martin couldn’t really succeed – no budget for food

[31 Mins] Calling on the Joe Wicks factor.

[32 Mins] Pubs, Restaurants and perhaps a road to more healthier environments.

[35 Mins] Magic wand: 1. Everyone is educated in the effects of nutrition on the body and mind. 2. No more fad diets. 3. Plus addiction acceptability (less stigma please)

[39 Mins] Finding Ruth at Crucial Foods and on Instagram


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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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