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Side Effects / Essential steps to communication: The power of film in public health messaging with Charlie Druce

In the time of Face, Place and Space I talk communications and public health messaging with Charlie Druce. There is a much richer and more  empowering road ahead. Let’s discuss what that is.

[3 Mins]  An introduction to Charlie Druce and Coast. Executive producer used to working with Ray Winstone,  Alistair Campbell, Tamsin Outhwaite and Jurgen Klopp

[5 Mins] Delivering wanted content

[6 Mins] ‘Depression and Me’ with Alistair Campbell talking depression and former alcoholism 8-10 Mn views.

[7 Mins] Prostate Cancer UK and ‘Fathers Day’ by Martin Sadofski with Jon Simm, Tamsin Outhwaite, Charles Dance and Ray Winstone

[9 Mins] The Research Files for AXA – using Vlog and pop science communications to reach 4mn+ and hit action rates

[10 Mins ] Media and communication today: Where are we? From ‘Mass Media’ to ‘My Media’

[12 Mins] Broadcasters identity crisis. An existential challenge? How and who to pay for content?

[15 Mins] The Valance and Whitty show. But where  and what did public health messaging used to be? A history of the Central Office of Information

[18 Mins] HIV and AIDS campaign by COI ‘Don’t die of ignorance’

[20 Mins] Post 2012 and austerity and budgets slashed. Parked film on Public Health England with small audiences, with the odd spike of expensive activity. Do we spend enough on public health communications?

[23 Mins] What does ‘talk to’ not ‘sell to’ mean? The  premise of content marketing

[24 Mins] Pharmaceutical companies cannot directly sell to [except primarily in the US]

[26 Mins] Pharma vs. Public health: A long road to trust on both sides. A journey from drugs companies to health companies

[29 Mins] Trust is the holy grail. We need credible sources. We need challenge and debate.

[31 Mins] The limitations of just things like ‘hands, face and space’. All advertising at present is more of the same. What is better than this?

[33 Mins] Insurance models vs. Treatment models [and the world of communications]. Reducing risk and prevention vs. treatment.

[35 Mins] AXA and Reducing risk: health, social and societal thinking. Is this the win-win?

[37 Mins] In a world of competing interests, what does the road ahead look like? 1. Fragmented, 2. Regulated and data, 3, Confluence not collision. Let’s discuss the pro’s and the con’s

[43 Mins] The downside of polarized and too shallow a field of view?

[35 Mins] Magic Wand: A road where film can be an agent of change. Learning from Still Alice with Julie Ann Moore

[48 Mins] Finding Charlie at Coast  and charlie@coasthouse.com


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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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