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Side Effects / Echo chambers and the danger of a world where we don’t debate, with Nico Macdonald

The ability to debate, to explore and to challenge has (some would say) been under immense pressure in these times. Today, I explore this with Nico Macdonald and how all of our role of society especially those in the creative industries can be more ‘t’ shaped and diverse in consideration, thinking and action.

[2 Mins]  An introduction to Nico Macdonald, Nico is a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a visiting fellow at the School of Arts and Creative Industries at London South Bank University, and teaches at the University of East London and CIEE (the Council on International Educational Exchange). In the early 90s built a digital media studio in Shoreditch, London; led digital design for The Guardian newspaper, and for the London office of Berlin-based MetaDesign; he co-founded the international consultancy business Ascendant Partners, and worked in Silicon Valley. Since, he has founded a media innovation startup, Media Futures; been Innovation Director of Creative England; and Chief Executive of the R&D Society, a professional membership organisation. For 30 years, he has forged strong links with industry contacts from established organisations as varied the BBC, the Design Council, the British Film Institute, Arup, and DigitasLBi, as well as a wide range of start-ups and SMEs in design, media and tech. He has also written extensively on creativity and digital innovation, including articles, papers and books.

[3 Mins 30] Getting ‘out of the bubble’ and ensuring the ability to debate.

[6 Mins] The limitations of the creative industries and diverse thinking.

[8 Mins 30] Sustainability, and a ground where more success has been made?

[10 Mins 30] Learning from journalism and following the facts Richard Saul Wurman‘s  CTA to ‘listen’.

[12 Mins 30] The ability to be exposed to others with different views.

[14 Mins] The Internet = less the global village, more the place to reinforce our niche views via the ‘filter bubble’

[16 Mins] The Polemic Palace and Netflix.

[18 Mins] Seeking more diverse arguments and looking for a healthy discourse. Seek that which you don’t agree with.

[19 Mins] Nuzzle, your social graph and aggregated varied points of view.

[20 Mins 30] Why no uncertainty in politics leads us all to disbelief and distrust?

[22 Mins 30] What can we learn from Andy Murray, Ed Balls and Michael Portillo?

[23 Mins 30] What about  Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage and Populism?

[26 Mins] We are at the end of a political paradigm. Yes, it’s uncomfortable.

[30 Mins] The case of paradigm under-load.

[35 Mins] Design Ethics, Microsoft to MIT and a conversation about Ai

[37 Mins] Kevin Kelly ‘What technology wants’

[38 Mins] Document centric computing is out of date. Open doc was what Apple and IBM were trying to do 25 years ago. So what is next?

[40 Mins] The Social Dilemma, Zuboff, work and surveillance. A different perspective.

[42 Mins] Why we should worry more about Government power than Corporation power?

[45 Mins] Polarized lockdown vs Brexit. Deborah Mattinson on where we might be going?

[48 Mins] Being a modern political pariah. Why we should worry about having the un-sayable?

[51 Mins] Debate, the Enlightenment and why we must not go back to a premodern era approach?

[54 Mins] Let’s be aware of an Orwelian outcome. Don’t divide us.

[1 Hr 01 Mins] Knowledge sharing, Twitter and information.

[1 Hr 02 Mins] Magic wand: Education to focus on teaching people to be critical and to interrogate. To engage more broadly and think differently.

[1 Hr 06 Mins] Find more about nico at www.spy.co.uk  and on twitter  @nico_macdonald

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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN


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