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Side Effects / E47 / How to find happiness in times of stress with Melanie Flower, Wellbeing Coach

[Podcast 30 Mins)

This week I talk Wellbeing Coaching with Melanie Flower: The Controversial Nutritionist 

We talk about the true benefits of coaching in regard to health and happiness. How Covid has presented new wins and losses in how we are approaching wellbeing and what we can learn from factors as wide as taking personal responsibility, to loving where we are and who we are today.

[0 Min] How to book my time – Mentoring with Matt

[2 Mins]  An Introduction to Melanie Flower

[4 Mins 30] Wellbeing Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine

[6 Mins 30] ‘Why GP’s are not well equipped today to deal with many challenges of chronicity

[9 Mins] Covid times and opportunities for us to build on the positives, not just fear from the negatives

[10 Mins 30] Dealing with stress

[12 Mins] ‘Stepping off the hamster wheel’. Productivity does not equal worth

[14 Mins] Why overfilling calendar’s (especially kids) is not always great

[16 Mins 30] The difference between Coaching and Counselling

[18 Mins] What Life coaching could look like in healthcare, replacing some of the current Doctor roles

[20 Mins] The ‘revolving door patient ‘ and the power of chatbots (and the simple journal)

[22 Mins 30] Taking responsibility: Where the government has failed to promote healthy behaviours

[25 Mins 30] Science and things that are not ‘woo-woo’. Remembering that nutrients cannot be patented

[27 Mins] Magic Wand: You only get one life, love it

[29 Mins] Finding Melanie online and on Instagram.  Sign up for her Free Weekly Newsletter


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Matt Pattison

CEO & Founder at TEN. Sign up to my DAILY DOSE of INSPIRATION >> https://bit.ly/3lJjlER


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